Business Management Services Can Handle Your Business Tax Preparation

California Tax Consulting services are available to business owners from Business Management Services groups. By taking advantage of tax credits, including hiring and environmental tax credits, your California-based company can save money at tax time, as can be verified by California Tax Consulting service providers. To learn more about 2010 Tax Changes and Enterprise Zone Tax Credits and how they can affect your tax bill, California corporation owners can look for Business Management Services that have a lineup of certified public accountants with a range of experience in all of the areas that you will need. This will include tax laws, Enterprise Zone tax credits, state and federal tax credits available to California corporations, hiring tax credits and more.Most business owners do not have the time or the expertise to become well-grounded in complicated California tax law, but this is the purview of qualified California Tax Consulting firms. They are familiar with California Tax Changes that could affect how much money your company owes in taxes, and can show you ways that you can begin planning now in order to take advantage of credits for which your California-based company may qualify. It is important to keep up with California Tax Changes in order to save on your company taxes, and this is why CEOs often turn to CPA firms for help with this important area, freeing the business owners to concentrate on what they do best, namely, running their companies.Your certified public accountant can inform you of 2010 Tax Changes that could affect your company’s bottom line. You will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the many state and federal hiring credits that are available to California-based corporations, particularly those located in one of the state’s forty-two EZ zones. If you hire individuals that qualify, your company may receive credit of up to $13,000 per employee annually, and also qualify for additional federal hiring credits. These qualified employees need to meet certain criteria, which can include being a member of the disabled veterans, Native American or Pacific Islanders, ex-felon, summer youth hires and other youth hires groups, or who have recently been laid off from work or threatened with layoff, or who qualify for state assistance such as food stamps or SSI. Other business benefits are available when you install pollution-control equipment at your place of business, or when you purchase energy-efficient hybrid vehicles for your company transportation, all of which can result in substantial credits to your California corporation.To learn more about California Tax Changes, please speak with a local CPA management firm.